Steam Condenser

Delivered new Steam Condenser to Elkem Bjølvefossen, Norway The condenser are used to condensate superheated steam of 400°C. Delivory was made august 2015 News article

Wastewater treatment Plant

Customer: Norsk Spesial Olje ASLocation: Rønningen, TelemarkPeriod: 2013/2014 Turn-key Project Design/Engineering – System and Components Procurement Fabrication Installation Supervision Commissionin Related links: Liquid Waste Water Treatment

Bio Sludge Plant

End customer: IVAR Location: Stavanger, NorwayPeriod: 2012 – 2014 Delivery of complete drying plant for waste water treatment sludge and production of “Bio Pellets”, which is an environmentally safe organic fertilizer. Engineering Procurement Construction Management Commissioning & Start-Up Related links: Driers

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