Trawler F/T Sunderøy

Compact Fishmeal Plant delivered

Compact Fishmeal Plant delivered to Independent Seafood Canada Corparation (ISCC) Compact fish meal plants The plant is to be installed on fish trawler F/T Sunderøy. ISCC has recently purchased the trawler from Prestfjord AS in Sortland, Norway. The plant has a capacity of handling 48 tons of raw material per 24 hours and is designed and delivered by AMOF Fjell Process Technology AS. The plant will produce high quality marine proteins and fish oil from fish waste and cut-offs. The contract for the fishmeal plant was placed in May and the completion of delivery will be by January – 2020.

Aqua nor

Catch us at AquaNor 2019

Catch us at AquaNor 2019 Join the world’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition and see our stand. AMOF-Fjell Process Technology look forward to see you all at Hall G – Stand 735 next week at Aqua Nor 2019 in Trondhjem. We share stand with iTecSolution System & Services AS

Næringsrik matolje med anlegg fra AMOF-Fjell

Nutritious cooking oil made with fish meal/oil plant designed and delivered by AMOF Fjell

Nutritious cooking oil made with fish meal/oil plant designed and delivered by AMOF Fjell When the freezer trawlers “Havstrand” and “Havbryn” are out fishing, they make sure to utilize the whole fish in their production. The main part of the fish is freezed and preserved for further processing onshore. The fish offal (head and guts) is forwarded to a fish meal plant to produce fish meal and fish oil. The oil is further refined to a healthy and nutritious cooking oil. The Fish Meal Plants onboard the Havstrand and Havbryn, with the capacity of handling 40tons/day of raw material, are …

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In St. Petersburg, the third time will be the International Exhibition of Fish Industry, Seafood and Technology (Seafood Expo Russia). Visit us at SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA ,

Equipment for measuring total solids (TS%) in product

New lab equipment

New lab equipment AMOF-Fjell is capable to performe lab test, both in our lab facilities or on site. Lab equipment is portable and can easily be transported. Results from lab tests of process flows can be used to optimize existing processes or verify design data on new processes. We can messure the following parameters: Temperature Viscosity Total solids (TS%) in product Density Viscosity and density are two very important parameters when it comes to evaporation and heat transfer. It is also an important value when selecting pumps. Lab equipment ready for shipment To achieve the best design, AMOF-Fjell can measure fluid …

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Test equipment for drying. Can me used make fish meal or other bio mass.

Container based test drier

Amof-Fjell Process Technology AS has designed a test drier installed in a 20ft container. The drier is complete with control system, feed inlet and conveyor for dried product. Drier has a range of operation options: Atmospheric drying Drying under vacuum Re-circulation of product The drier is steam driven and can be delivered with a complete separate steam generator in 10ft container. Drier is steam driven and can be delivered with a steam generator in 10ft container. Biomass can be processed into dry powder or pellets to be used as fertilizer or as fuel to drive other processes. Steam generator AMOF-Fjell has …

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Seafood Expo AMOF-Fjell

Sikrer seg store kontrakter i Russland

AMOF Fjell Process Technology AS har så langt i år sikret seg kontrakter på levering av åtte fiskemelsfabrikker til russiske frysetrålere samt leveranse til en ny landbasert fiskemelsfabrikk. Samlet verdi på disse avtalene, er på over 200 millioner kroner.

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