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Sludge treatment methods:
AMOF-Fjell_Sludge treatment methods_Rev02-2023_eng

Sludge handling:
AMOF-Fjell_Sludge handling_Rev02-2023_eng

Plants on Land:

Plants onboard Fishing vessels:
AMOF-Fjell_Fishing vessels_02-2023_eng

Fish oil Plant:
AMOF-Fjell-Fish oil_Rev01-2022_eng

Container based test dryer:
AMOF-Fjell-Container based test dryer_Rev02-2023_eng


CFP Compact Fishmeal Plants:
AMOF-Fjell Compact Fishmeal Plants

Fishmeal plant
AMOF-Fjell Fishmeal plant

AMOF-Fjell Cooker

Thermal Disc Dryer Datasheet:
AMOF-Fjell Thermal Disc Dryer Datasheet

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