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Large dryer delivered to Grøntvedt Nutri AS

Large dryer delivered to Grøntvedt...

Delivery of AMOF-Fjell’s largest dryer, the AF-TD600+ to Grøntvedt Nutri AS. Dryer was delivered by ship and lifted into existing…
Enhancing Quality and Performance through Maintenance

Enhancing Quality and Performance through...

“Recently, service technicians from AMOF Fjell Process Technology AS paid a visit to a trawler to carry out maintenance on…
Meet Amof-Fjell at stand A-103 at AquaNor 2023

Meet Amof-Fjell at stand A-103...

Meet AMOF Fjell Process Technology AS at Stand A-103 at AquaNor 2023. Meet us at AquaNor at stand A-103

AMOF-Fjell Process Technology has a long history of designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning compact fish meal plants for on-board fishing vessels. Typical plants have a capacity range of between 15 to 700 tons of raw materials per day.

Fishmeal production
Compact fishmeal plant

When Atlas-Stord in Norway closed in the year 2000, after almost 50 years, we engaged senior personnel with over 150 years combined experience from design, manufacturing and commissioning of fish meal factories and put them together with innovative young engineers. We then harnessed and developed this experience into new innovative processing technology and process equipment.

  • Concept Studies
  • Complete Fish Meal plants
  • Plant Design
  • Design/Delivery of Process Equipment
  • Construction management
  • Fabrication & Procurement
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Pilot and Testing-plants
Driers delivered to Island for fish meal production
Press outlet

AMOF-Fjell Process Technology has a long history from Evaporator design and fabrication. Evaporators of various types such as rising film, forced flash, falling film and plates have been designed, fabricated and supplied to various industries around the world, such as:

  • The fishmeal industry
  • The meat and bone industry
  • The alcohol and juice industry
  • The offshore industry (freshwater generators)
  • Waste Water Treatment
High Pressure MVR fan for concentration of whitefish silage
MVR Falling film evaporator

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

AMOF-Fjell Process Technology has been designing and building heat exchangers for a very long time. The combination of thermal and mechanical design, fabrication, together with experienced personnel, has secured a number of challenging orders.
WE use AspenTech’s Exchanger Design & Rating to do advanced thermal design and dimensioning of heat exchangers. Successful constructions of thermal process equipment is maintained by the designer having knowledge of:

  • The chemical composition and characteristics of the media involve
  • Which type of equipment is best suited for the demanded task and duty
  • The necessary experience and the necessary technical tools to be able to offer the correct apparatus for the stated task
High temperature heat exchanger

We are capable of supplying process equipment in various types of materials, such as:

  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Feed Effluent Exchangers (Texas Towers)
  • Full EPC Service
    – Carbon Steel
    – Stainless, various qualities
    – Duplex
    – CuNi materials
    – Titan
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