Evaporator systems

AMOF Fjell Process Technology has a long history from Evaporator design and fabrication. Evaporators of various types such as rising film, forced flash, falling film and plates have been designed, fabricated and supplied to various industries around the world, such as:

  • The fishmeal industry
  • The meat and bone industry
  • The alcohol and juice industry
  • The offshore industry (freshwater generators)

The AMOF-Fjell MVR Evaporator

The latest design in MVR Technology utilising high pressure fans or compressors. Falling film evaporation principle is generally used.

The AMOF-Fjell WHE Evaporator

Years of experience combining energies from dryer vapours for evaporation purposes. Mostly falling film evaporation principle is used.

The Fjell Stord Rising Film Short Tube Evaporator

For installations with height restrictions. With or without forced circulation.

The AMOF-Fjell Finisher

Combining Forced Flash evaporation and latest design in pumping technology for ultimate high concentration purposes.

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