Coagulators, Preheaters and Cookers

Scoope of Supply

  • Roller bearings
  • Shaft mounted drive unit
  • Stuffed shaft seals with gland
  • Rotary steam joints
  • Accessories for steam/condensate
  • Complete internal pipe arrangement
  • Cooker is insulated
  • Instrumentation and steam control valves not included in basic scope of supply

Standard range of AMOF-Fjell Screw Cooker


AMOF-Fjell Process Technology offers the latest design in Coagulators, and both tubular and screw type Cookers. Units can be designed with indirect steam heating or a combination of steam heating and the use of waste Heat.

The AMOF-Fjell Screw Cooker

(TC series) is a series steam heated screw cookers for fishmeal industry. The cooker is available for the complete practical size range (25 TPD – 500 TPD), and is based on the well-proven rigid design known from Stord.

Design features
The AMOF-Fjell Screw Cooker consist of a long rotor with steam heated hollow flights. The rotor is installed inside a stator with steam jacket. Material of construction is SA-516 series carbon steel, or equivalent. The TC series can be designed and approved according to the leading international design codes
and standards (PED, ASME, JIS, GOST, DNV, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas etc.). Typical design pressure is 6 barg

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