Nutritious cooking oil made with fish meal/oil plant designed and delivered by AMOF Fjell

When the freezer trawlers “Havstrand” and “Havbryn” are out fishing, they make sure to utilize the whole fish in their production. The main part of the fish is freezed and preserved for further processing onshore. The fish offal (head and guts) is forwarded to a fish meal plant to produce fish meal and fish oil. The oil is further refined to a healthy and nutritious cooking oil.

The Fish Meal Plants onboard the Havstrand and Havbryn, with the capacity of handling 40tons/day of raw material, are designed and delivered by AMOF Fjell Process Technology AS.

AMOF Fjell has delivered fish meal plants to both land based facilities and onboard freezer trawlers on a worldwide basis. Besides the Havbryn and Havstrand, AMOF Fjell has delivered to the Havfisk vessels “Gadus Neptun”, “Njord” and “Poseidon”. Also the Prestfjord freezer trawler “F/T Langøy” (previous “Andenesfisk I”) and the New Zealand trawler ” M/V Independent” (Independent Fisheries LTD.). Recently AMOF Fjell delivered the 6th out of 8 fish meal plants to Russian trawlers. Most recently a contract for a new 48tons/day fish meal plant to a Canadian fishery company has been signed. AMOF Fjell has also delivered the evaporator system to a large fish meal plant on Kunashir Island. This fish meal plant is processing 500 tons/day of raw material

Compact fishmeal plant
Fish Meal Plant
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