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Patented Disc Dryer Technology

The Fjell Turbo Disc Dryer

Disc drier

Data Sheet: Data Sheet Turbodisc Drier

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The Fjell Turbo Disc Dryer is an indirectly heated dryer for:

  • Sludge in Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Fishmeal in both land based and ship installed plants
  • Ingredients in the food industry
  • Spent grains in distilleries and breweries
  • Animal and poultry by products
  • Industrial bio-sludge and mineral sludge

The dryer has a unique endurable patented rotor design without traditional welded stays exposed to tear, wear, fatigue and corrosion. Driers can be supplied in all practical sizes, in all common materials of construction (carbon-, stainess-, and duplex steels), and approved and inspected according to the leading international design codes and standards (PED, ASME, JIS, GOST, DNV, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas etc.).


When Atlas-Stord in the year 2000 closed down disc dryer manufacturing in Norway after almost 50 years, we engaged senior personnel with 150 year experience from design, manufacturing and commissioning of more than 2000 disc dryers all over the world. We took over robotic disc welding equipment from Atlas-Stord´s workshop, and added a dash of innovative young engineering resources using state of the art design and analysis techniques. The result was the Fjell Turbo Disc Dryer with a unique durable design of the stays providing the strength towards internal steam pressure, efficient manufacturing techniques, and optimised flow of material

Design Features

The Fjell Turbo Disc Dryer is designed for heating by steam (6-10 bar), hot water or thermal oil. The largest heating surface is the rotor, but additional heating surface is available as an option on the stator. The product to be dryed is slowly, but vigorously, transported from inlet- to outlet end by a paddle system mounted on the disc periphery. Product discharge is normally done continuously by a speed controlled extraction screw conveyor. The discs are mounted on a heavy central shaft with a highly efficient condensate removal system integrated. Scraper bars ensure agitation between the discs, which is necessary for efficient evaporation. The moisture evaporated from the product is collected in a high top vapour dome, and continuously removed.

Scoope of Supply

  • Turbo Disc replacement rotors for existing disc dryer installations from all recognised OEMs
  • Complete Fjell Turbo Disc Driers with all necessary auxiliary equipment.
  • Complete key ready process plants including feed hoppers, grinders, conveyors, pumps, steam/condensate equipment, vapour and dust handling systems, product discharge, pellets mills, storage and bagging systems
  • Associated process equipment like evaporators, coagulators, presses, decanters, tricanters and separators.
  • All driers can be designed for vacuum drying.
  • All small driers up to TD140-1500 can be delivered for food processing meeting EHEDG guidelines

Disc drier render

The Fjell Stord Hot Air Dryer

A compact hot air dryer offering gentle final drying of sensitive protein products.