AMOF-Fjell container based sludge dryer

AMOF-Fjell container based sludge dryer

AMOF-Fjell delivers complete or partial process solutions for handling sludge from farmed salmon, fish farms on
land and smolt production. We deliver process equipment like press, dryer, scrubber and more.

AMOF-Fjell Process Technology has designed a dryer installed in a 20ft container. Dryer is complete with control system, feed inlet and conveyor for dried product. Can also be delivered with a 10ft container with a steam boiler to produce steam for running the dryer.

Dyrer has a wide range of operation options:
• Atmospheric drying
• Drying under vacuum
• Re-circulation of product

The dryer is steam driven and can be connected to a 10ft container (complete steam generator module).

Mass Balance:

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