Successful sea trail


In April 2021 AMOF Fjell Process Technology AS technical staff (Jarle Steinsland and Thorleif Andre Gram Gram) performed a successful sea trial of their installation onboard the Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleets (ATF) “Barentsevo More”. This compact fishmeal plant handles a raw material amount of 60 tons/day to produced high quality fishmeal and fishoil.
AMOF Fjell Process Technology AS got the best feedback from the Technical directors in ATF: ” Your fish meal plant is working very good. The crew is satisfied”.
AMOF Fjell Process Technology AS is the preferred Norwegian provider of compact fishmeal plants to the fishery fleet and by far the largest in Norway with its 16 CFP’s in total up to this date.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in
hearing more about our compact fishmeal plants. Typical plants have a capacity range of between 15 to 700 tons of raw materials per day. We are happy to discuss solutions with you anytime!



Compact Fishmeal Plant
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