Enhancing Quality and Performance through Maintenance

“Recently, service technicians from AMOF Fjell Process Technology AS paid a visit to a trawler to carry out maintenance on a press that was part of our previously delivered compact fishmeal plant (CFP). After a decade of continuous operation, our double-screw press received an upgrade with new screws, a fresh sieve plate, and new bearings.

This upgrade ensures that the plant can continue to produce high-quality fishmeal and fish oil, meeting the demand for top-notch seafood processing. We’re committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service and maintaining the highest standards in the industry. Here’s to another decade of outstanding performance!”

Images of AMOF-Fjell, Twin Screw Press.

Dobbel skruepresse

AMOF-Fjell dobbel skruepresse er robuste og pålitelige, sakte roterende (2-5 o / min) maskin, sammenlignet med en dekanter som går ved (3600 o / min). Vår dobbel skruepresse styres med frekvensomformer til varierende hastigheter for å gi den fleksibiliteten du trenger for å håndtere forskjellige råvarer og inngangs volum. Vår hovedapplikasjon for dobbel skruepresse er kompakte fiskemel fabrikker ombord på trålere.

AMOF-Fjell har sitt eget design på dobbelt skruepressen som har blitt optimalisert gjennom årene

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